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27 12, 2021

When Do I Have to Pay (Or Be Paid) Alimony In A Divorce?

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Having to go through the divorce process is already emotionally difficult. But when it comes to contested divorces as the result of disagreements, faults, or a multitude of other reasons, the financial factor of divorce is often the most looked at. In many cases, a family court may order one spouse to pay the other alimony. Alimony is an amount of financial support that [...]

20 12, 2021

Do I Need A Reason To File For Divorce?

2021-12-28T09:18:37-05:00By |

Something that is often overlooked when filing a divorce is the actual reason for a divorce. There are many reasons for divorce whether it be ideological or religious reasons, financial reasons, adultery, or domestic reasons. Regardless of the reason, or multiple reasons, some people ask an important question: do I need a reason to file for a divorce? While you may think that [...]

13 12, 2021

Division of Property in a Texas Divorce

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When trying to file for a divorce, especially a contested divorce, there are many aspects that people don’t think about until after it’s been set into motion. One of those aspects is the division of property. Of the 50 states in the United States, nine of them are “community property states”. Community property means that most, if not all, property that is obtained [...]

9 12, 2021

What is the Difference Between a Contested Divorce and an Uncontested Divorce?

2021-12-28T09:17:58-05:00By |

The decision alone to file for divorce is a difficult one to make. There are many factors to consider in a divorce case, especially if there are children involved. Then you have to look at the cost, both financially and emotionally, and the time it will take to complete the divorce. However, taking into account that there is more than one type of [...]

29 11, 2021

How Does the Court Decide Who Gets Custody in Divorce?

2021-11-29T17:56:31-05:00By |

When it comes to Child Custody Laws in Texas, determining the best interests of the child is the primary focus during a contested divorce. That means that when the court will consider evidence relating to a variety of factors including physical and emotional needs, especially in consideration of any past or potential physical and emotional danger. During these considerations, discussions of the stability [...]

22 11, 2021

How to file for divorce without breaking the bank

2021-11-30T12:52:19-05:00By |

Filing for divorce can feel daunting with not only having to deal with the separation and figuring out what is going to happen to any children involved, but also in the financial consequences of a divorce. Whether you're afraid of what divorce attorney costs in Texas are or if you just simply want to know the divorce application costs, we have the answers [...]

15 11, 2021

You Can Serve Divorce Papers through Social Media in Texas

2021-11-30T12:29:35-05:00By |

Texas is making moves to serve legal orders such as divorce papers through social media and email to your spouse or partner when they can't be reached or are outright avoiding receiving those legal orders by conventional methods. In early 2021, the Texas Supreme Court approved these changes to the rules in the state. This makes it a lot easier for spouses seeking [...]

8 11, 2021

Texas adopts 3-day weekend rule for co-parents

2021-11-30T12:17:26-05:00By |

There has been an update of new legislation in Texas regarding shared custody or 50/50 custody orders that went into effect as of September 1, 2021. The law has expanded the time allotted on the beginning and end of weekends to the noncustodial parent. According to SB1936 of Sept. 1 2021, the bill expressly states the standard Possession Order [...]

1 11, 2021

Divorce Lawyers Near Me

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Finding the best divorce attorney near you can seem overwhelming. Some divorce lawyers have a lot of reviews, some have only a few. Some have a major social media following and others hardly post. Some divorce attorneys have been around for 20+ years just like Marx, Altman & Johnson who has been providing fast, cheap divorce for clients all over Texas for decades. [...]

4 10, 2021

First Steps in Getting a Divorce

2021-10-26T09:06:10-05:00By |

What are the First Steps in Seeking a Divorce? The decision to divorce is never an easy one. Once you've decided to end your marriage you'll need to begin the divorce process. In Texas, the divorce process can be made easier with the use of a "no-fault" divorce. One or the other party must begin by filing for a divorce with the court [...]