The decision alone to file for divorce is a difficult one to make. There are many factors to consider in a divorce case, especially if there are children involved. Then you have to look at the cost, both financially and emotionally, and the time it will take to complete the divorce. However, taking into account that there is more than one type of divorce can make it seem even more daunting.

The first type of divorce is an “agreed divorce”, also known as an uncontested divorce. These divorces are most commonly the easiest divorce because both parties proceed in an agreeable manner. An uncontested divorce is also a lot cheaper.

The other type of divorce is a contested divorce. These divorce cases are typically a lot more complicated and cost more. During a contested divorce, the terms are a lot less agreeable and each party is trying to come away from the divorce with as many benefits to themselves as possible.

Filing For an Uncontested Divorce

Many people filing for an uncontested divorce assume that they can handle everything themselves because both parties are much more agreeable to terms. However, it is still important to hire an experienced family law firm like Marx Altman & Johnson. Even if both parties are agreeable to an uncontested divorce, the proper paperwork and terms can still be complicated.

Before determining if you want an uncontested divorce, you should ask yourself a series of questions. During the divorce proceedings, do you need the judge to make someone else do something? Make someone else stop doing something? Does the judge need to make any decisions in regard to child custody or property?

difference between contested divorce and uncontesed divorce

If you can answer no to those questions, then an uncontested divorce is likely the right choice for you. As mentioned earlier, it’s still important to hire an experienced family law firm to avoid the divorce turning into a costly and time-consuming contested divorce. With an experienced divorce lawyer at your side, the process for an uncontested divorce can take as little as 90 days. Keep in mind that the State of Texas has a requirement that a divorce must be on file for a minimum of 60 days before anything can be finalized.

Filing For a Contested Divorce

The more lengthy and costly divorce is the contested divorce. Many couples that have property and assets may disagree over who gets what in the divorce. This can become even more complicated if there are children involved and there is a disagreement over custody. In a contested divorce, each party involved should hire their own experienced family law firm to represent them and their interests.

If you have any hesitation or doubts about the discussions with your spouse, it’s highly recommended to talk to an experienced and trusted divorce lawyer to ensure you are not taken advantage of during divorce proceedings. You should also remember that you should never agree to any type of divorce until you have spoken with a lawyer.

If there are children involved, then a divorce lawyer is definitely needed. It’s important to remember that your child(ren) will be watching and experiencing the divorce along with you, even if they don’t quite understand what is happening. With a divorce lawyer at your side, you’ll be able to better determine the best interests of yourself in the divorce as well as your child(ren).

Hire a Family Lawyer Today

If you are going through the process of getting a divorce, contacting and hiring an experienced family law firm like Marx Altman & Johnson will give you more peace of mind and make the process much easier. Divorces can be costly, but our lawyers have decades of combined experience which allows us to serve more clients at a lower cost to you. Book your free first visit today and get started with the best divorce lawyers in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.